WIA New Year Statement

There is a momentum to global Covid-19 that cannot be easily and quickly reversed. In fact, it is worse today than ever before. Its impact on the poor and the weak will, therefore, continue, especially in the face of hunger and poverty. 

There is also a new momentum of hope triggered by a collective realization that we survived the worst, when fear was all that gripped us. Now we know more about the deadly virus and understand that precautions can make life less risky. More Filipinos have returned to work as businesses reopen. And the development of vaccines is a powerful light at the end of the tunnel.

We step into 2021 with the same deep concern for the hunger that afflicts our people, reduced by half from its highest levels but remains double its pre-Covid level.  That makes the poor and the weak still very vulnerable and any negative event, like natural calamities like floods or droughts or infestations can quickly trigger hunger to worsen. 2021, therefore, is a year to sustain 2020 efforts to aggressively intervene against hunger.

We will take the lessons of 2020 to implement plans and programs against hunger in order to keep the numbers of the hungry lower and lower. There are critical learnings that suggest   new and more effective strategies can be developed and applied - with the end in view of finally dismantling the scourge of hunger once and for all. 

The Walang Iwanan Alliance invites all those with sympathy for the hungry and prepared to do their individual share in making the vision of a hungry-free Philippines a reality.