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A Platform to Help Fight Hunger

We understand that hunger is an issue that can't be solved by individual efforts, which is WIA is an ALLIANCE. We believe that concerted efforts from all sectors of society can create a bigger impact in the fight against hunger.


Look at us. We are in our 70s. We are retired but Not Hungry and Not Tired of caring, not tired of feeding the Hungry.

In honor of our very first ally in the fight against hunger: ADMU616569! 

We thank you for your undying and unconditional love for your fellow men. May your tribe increase!

What WIA Does

Allies Against


We look for allies and gather them to help one another in the fight against hunger by leveraging our strengths.

Donations and Volunteers

We gather resources necessary for feeding initiative and distribute them according to our allies' needs.

Where We're Needed

We study hunger in Metro Manila to identify critical areas and help our allies expand their operations and get more traction.

We spread awareness of the growing problem of hunger in our country and help people realize that it is a real and pressing problem.

A Concerted Effort

Resources and efforts come from different sources and locations. WIA helps in coordinating efforts among allies and ensure that donations will reach allies that need them.

Spreading the Word

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